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Applications for Business Continuity Vouchers from your
Local Enterprise Board with a value of upto €2,500.00
Are now open to small business owners.

What does this mean?

Each vouchers is worth up to €2,500 in third party consultancy/advice costs and can be used by companies and sole traders to develop short-term and long-term strategies to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here at Kayanne Horgan Solicitors we provide expert advice in relation to trademarks and filing a trademark in Ireland or Europe. If you’d like to trademark your company name or logo please specify this in your Business Continuity Voucher application and contact us.

The Deadline to submit your application, which takes 10 minutes on-line, is Friday the 15th of May 2020.

Follow this link to the form:

We look forward to working with you during this difficult time. Visit the LEO site at www.localenterprise.ie.


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